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Rupes GOLD - Amaro Calabrese with passage in barrique

Rupes GOLD - Amaro Calabrese with passage in barrique

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World Liqueur Awards 2021: Amaro Rupes Gold Best Herbal Liqueur

Typology: Artisan liqueur
Origin: Calabria - Roccella Jonica
Raw material: alcohol base, water, herbal infusion, wild fennel, licorice and laurel

Formats available: 70 cl
Alcohol: 30%

The Rupes Gold Barricato amaro is produced through the old tradition cold method which involves the infusion of a hydroalcoholic solution in large steel vats, for at least twenty days, with high quality medicinal herbs and subsequent reduction of the alcohol content to 30% Vol by adding water and sugar. The maceration allows the properties of the herbs to be fully extracted, among which bay leaves, fennel and Calabrian licorice stand out, giving the distillate freshness, persistence of taste, character and pleasantness on the palate. This process also allows to extract the bitter active ingredients that stimulate digestion and promote intestinal functions (as evidenced by various scientific studies). The careful selection of herbs has been entrusted to a distillery which, for almost a century, has been refining the art of processing and blending herbs and roots. Rupes is a meditation amaro, with an amber brown color and a unique, unmistakable and balanced flavour; the scent is intense with marked herbaceous notes. Taste it at room temperature or iced (-20°C), sitting at the table at the end of a tasty dinner enjoyed in pleasant company, or perhaps in an armchair at any time of the day, letting your eyes and thoughts wander through delicate images. Hold it for a few seconds in your mouth to be able to perceive the different gustatory sensations and enhance the experience of every single sweet sip.

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