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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Roger Bitter Extra Strong - Old Customs Warehouse

Roger Bitter Extra Strong - Old Customs Warehouse

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" You look at me strangely when I drink it straight, for me it's normal, I'm used to strong tastes "

I always hear the same things. That's enough, leave me alone! I'm not going to live like you rich, stupid and liars, you're just eager to succeed and have no respect for nature. I prefer to be alone, I can not accept what you are doing, you cowards! You kicked me out just for expressing my thoughts, calling me crazy. I will live Sotto Banco with the knowledge that I will die poor, but without compromise.

The Bitter Bitter Extra Strong Of Mr. Roger , also shipwrecked in Calabria together with Captain Jefferson, draws inspiration from the character of his creator, austere and pungent towards those who had no respect for nature. No filtering, no addition of artificial colourings, only the result of a careful selection of all the botanicals of the Old Customs Warehouse, handcrafted to create a unique and counter-current product, so much so that the words
” Keep Under Desk 
Not only extremely suitable and original in mixing , but also excellent to drink neat.

It's a Bitter… It's a Bitter…

” Cloudy from birth. “

Type: Bitter

Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Content: 70.0 cl
Country: Calabria
Serving temperature: 8-10°C
Alcohol content: 25.0% vol.

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