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Masseria Fornara

Carnaroli rice from the Piana di Sibari

Carnaroli rice from the Piana di Sibari

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Carnaroli rice from the Piana di Sibari

Considered the King of Rices, this variety of rice is suitable for all types of preparation. Thanks to the particular consistency, flavor and integrity, it is the most suitable for risottos, because it is naturally rich in starch.

1 kg pack

A favorable climate for the cultivation of Carnaroli

Masseria Fornara is dedicated in Contrada Garda mainly to the production of Carnaroli rice: a not too high cut variety which for this reason lends itself particularly well to the cultivation of the Piana di Sibari. In fact, here strong winds blow, leading to lodging which is hostile to the development of 90 cm high plants.
The microclimate of Contrada Garda is instead favorable for the production of Carnaroli rice: the greater solar radiation allows for an early harvest of 15 days compared to that possible in the rice fields of Northern Italy.
It is precisely the characteristics of the territory, such as the climate and proximity to the sea, that constitute a reward that goes beyond the production techniques.


Energy value Kcal 353.5/Kj 1500

Proteins 7.2 g.

Fat 1.9 g.

Carbohydrates 76.9 g.

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