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Masseria Fornara

Aromatic Rice from the Piana di Sibari - Italian Basmati

Aromatic Rice from the Piana di Sibari - Italian Basmati

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Aromatic Rice - Italian Basmati

Aromatic rice offers a delicate aroma of toasted corn, enriching different dishes with flavours, from salads to side dishes. This variety of rice has a long and crystalline grain, suitable for the most varied uses.

1 kg pack

The characteristics of aromatic rice

Thanks to the production and marketing of aromatic rice that the Contrada Garda company deals with, the delicate scent of toasted corn that is released during the cooking of this particular product can be appreciated by many consumers.

The rice has long, crystalline grains and is suitable for salads, side dishes and cold dishes. The cooking time is around 14/16 minutes and it is sold in 1 kg packs.

Average nutritional values ​​( per 100 g of product)

Energy value: Kcal 353/Kj 1500
Proteins: 7.2 g.
Fat: 1.1 g.
Carbohydrates: 78.6 g.
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