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I LOVE CALABRIA - Calabrian Taste

Dried Tomatoes in Oil

Dried Tomatoes in Oil

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As good as those made by grandmothers, selected raw materials prepared with the same love and care: Delicious Dried Tomatoes in oil.

Our tomatoes are grown in Calabria and grown without the use of pesticides, then they are harvested and dried in the mild Calabrian sun.
they are put into jars as our grandparents teach us in a simple and artisanal way.

to be enjoyed as a side dish, appetizer, sandwiches and pizza


I- Ingredients: dried tomatoes,
sunflower oil,
oregano, garlic, chilli pepper, salt and celery.

After opening, keep in the fridge with the product completely covered by the preserving liquid

Once opened keep in the fridge with the product covered by the preserving liquid.

Conservation method: Keep away from heat sources. After opening, keep refrigerated at 0 + 4°C and consume within a few days.

The packaging may undergo variations by the manufacturing company. Product images are for illustrative purposes.
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