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Spicy Sardella Patè and Dried Tomatoes - Sardellina

Spicy Sardella Patè and Dried Tomatoes - Sardellina

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Pilchard Pate

Sardella pâté is often referred to as "Calabrian caviar" for the delicacy of its raw materials.

Here it is enriched by the presence of dried tomatoes and spicy Calabrian pepper .

Ideal to spread on bread for a tasty aperitif.
Also recommended in addition to spaghetti, toasted breadcrumbs and a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil.
This pâté is made with sardines from the Mediterranean Sea and not ice fish from China
Fishing method: trawl nets, fished in the Mediterranean sea

  • NET WEIGHT 100 g

  • INGREDIENTS: Sardina pilchardus , spicy red pepper, olive oil, salt, wild fennel seeds and acidity regulator, San Marzano dried tomatoes.

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