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Olives in brine in brine

Olives in brine in brine

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Olives in brine in brine

These olives are transformed with the natural method which requires many months for the debittering (method which involves the transformation of the olives allowing the emigration of the antioxidant responsible for the bitter taste from the olives to the brine) but enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the transformed variety.
To do this, I use an artisanal sea salt, dried only thanks to the wind and the sun, which preserves all the rich properties of the sea: The Artisanal Sea Salt of the Trapani and Paceco Nature Reserve.
Cultivars used: Bella di Cerignola - Nocellara - Grossa di cassano
Transformation Process
The olives are harvested by hand, one by one, and placed in hard plastic baskets. Later the baskets are poured into perforated hard plastic boxes.
At the end of the harvest, the crates are transported to the transformation area. The olives are weighed and calibrated.
The calibration foresees the classification of the olives according to their diameter. The outcome of the calibration sees the olives placed in polyethylene drums. Finally, according to the natural transformation method, the barrels are filled with water and salt (brine).
The debittering, i.e. the procedure which involves the emigration of the antioxidant responsible for the bitter taste from the olives to the brine, ends several months after the harvest. At the end of the process, the product is packaged.

naturally de-bittered with Artisan Sea Salt from the Salina di Margherita di Savoia Nature Reserve

The sea salt from the homonymous nature reserve is extracted through a natural drying process. Extracted from the Sale Natura Consortium, it retains excellent organoleptic qualities thanks to its low sodium content and its high content of trace mineral salts of magnesium, potassium and iodine.


0,315kg drained weight

INGREDIENTS: Water, Salt (4%), Lactic Acid (E270), Ascorbic Acid (E300).

Conservation method: after opening, keep in the fridge in their liquid and consume within two weeks.

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