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I LOVE CALABRIA - Calabrian Taste

Fillets of aubergines

Fillets of aubergines

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As good as those made by grandmothers, selected raw materials prepared with the same love and care:
Delicious Aubergine Fillets


I - Ingredients: Aubergine fillets 60%,
Sunflower seed oil 20%
hot peppers, garlic,
White wine vinegar,
oregano, celery.
After opening, keep in the fridge
with the product fully coated
from the preserving liquid

UK - Ingredients: Aubergines fillets 60%,
sunflower oil 20%
Chilli peppers, garlic,
white wine vinegar,
oregan, celery.
Once opened keep in the fridge
with the product covered by the
preserving liquid.

Nutritional values/ nutritional facts

Conservation method: Keep away from heat sources. After opening, keep refrigerated at 0 + 4°C and consume within a few days.

The packaging may undergo variations by the manufacturing company. Product images are for illustrative purposes.

Average values/ mean values ​​(100 g)
energy/ energy 661 kj – 158 kcal
Fat 12.7 g
of which saturated/ saturated fat 1.77 g
Carbohydrates/ carbohydrate 12.1g
of which sugars/ of which sugars 0,1 g
Fibers/ fibers 5.8 g
Protein/ protein 1.14 g
Salt/ sait 2.5 g

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