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Calabrian macaroni

Calabrian macaroni

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Once upon a time there was Mastro Pastaio Forte, progenitor of the homonymous family who, far after the war, had started the production of artisanal pasta by selling it to family and close friends. Over the course of a decade, the quality of the product made Forte pasta famous everywhere. Today Forte is a modern-concept pasta factory that combines innovation and tradition. State-of-the-art machinery and ancient production techniques guarantee the achievement of an excellent artisan pasta. Pasta forte is produced with the best selection of durum wheat semolina, using bronze dies and slow drying. The natural ingredients (water and semolina), the quality control of the entire production process, the cooking test and the packaging by hand, guarantee full compliance with the most ancient techniques of the Italian tradition of production and artisan pasta. The bronze drawing is easily appreciated on the palate, as it gives the pasta a rough surface. Pasta Forte, in fact, with its "wrinkled" surface, deriving from the superficial fermentation of durum wheat during drying, combines excellently with sauces and condiments, enhancing every recipe. Produced in full compliance with the most ancient techniques of the Italian tradition of artisan pasta production.

The best selection of durum wheat semolina from southern Italy, bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures make Pasta Forte Specialties a high quality product.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water.

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