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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

"Fantastic Bergamot" liqueur

"Fantastic Bergamot" liqueur

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Family legacy

You called me crazy as soon as I told you I found gold in a tree, now all I hear is silence... fantastic
Calabria and the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale were my life. Every day was like the first, we were taken by that job that we loved more than anything else. We watched Giocondo with passion, who in his trade had a flair for everything, a man of few words and a master of life. The botanicals in her hands expressed extraordinary and sometimes unthinkable things. The bergamot and cedar harvesting period was a sacred moment for him who was certainly hiding secrets. Jefferson was the most curious. He always tried to follow him, most of the time secretly, to try to understand what was the secret to producing such a natural and unique bergamot and citron liqueur. We left, even before dawn, with his drawn cart and its empty baskets to reach that magical place, even further south of the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale, four, maybe five hours away. Once we arrived, I was struck by the scents that were felt in that wonderful garden, something unique and magical. Giocondo with great patience and control began to collect one by one the fruits that were sacred to him, he had a profound respect for the place where he was. Once finished we left for home, strangely I had the impression of taking much less than the outward journey, perhaps it was because of the desire to make a dream come true. Once they arrived, Giocondo wasted no time in starting the work. I still remember his rough hands full of essences of those wonderful fruits. He completed the work by bringing everything into his " Dark Room ", no one could enter there. He always repeated: " Silence! ». I always thought there was something secret and mysterious there. I hope that those lucky enough to taste this liqueur don't look for explanations or mathematical formulas, but try the passion, emotions and sacrifices of those who work every day in the land to create it.
Family legacy . So says the label. Products created by the skill of Maestro Giocondo, owner of the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale and expert in fruits, herbs and spices, but above all the adoptive father and guide of our characters. From his rough hands come Bergamotto Fantastico and Diamante Cedro , from a careful selection of the symbolic fruit of Calabria: the bergamot.
It enhances its character served cold and original when mixed .

” The Family Legacy “

Technical sheet of the liqueur
Typology: Artisan liqueur
Producer: Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Raw material: water, alcohol, sugar, infusion of Calabrian bergamot peels and other aromatic plants.
Format: 0.70 cl.
Alcohol: 32%

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