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Artigiano della Nduja

Box with 3 Spilinga 'Nduja and Scalda 'Nduja

Box with 3 Spilinga 'Nduja and Scalda 'Nduja

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This Box consists of 3 Jars of 'Nduja + Lo Scalda 'Nduja

The 'nduja is one of the excellent products of our Calabria, typical of the town of Spilinga (VV).

It is made with pork and hot peppers.
To savor its authentic flavour, it can be enjoyed on warm bread, croutons and pizza. It is also delicious to enrich first courses, or combined with vegetables and legumes or whatever your imagination suggests.

3 200g jars of 'Nduja + 1 'Nduja heater

Produced in Spilinga by CEEH7K0T

Energy in KJ: 1160
Energy in calories: 397
Fat: 31 g
Of which saturated fatty acids: 23g
Carbs : 11g
Of which sugars: 0.75g
Proteins: 20g
Salt: 2.8g

    Conservation method: Keep away from heat sources. After opening, keep refrigerated at 0 + 4°C and consume within 30 days.

    200g per jar
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