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Kaciuto - Bitter digestive

Kaciuto - Bitter digestive

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Kaciuto Digestive Elixir

Kaciuto is a digestive, born in the heart of Greek Calabria, precisely Bova Marina, a small town on the Ionian coast which is about 45 kilometers from the city of Reggio Calabria. This recipe involves the mix of an infusion based on licorice, bay leaves, wild fennel seeds and Calabrian bergamot.
The Kaciuto helps digestion.
Excellent for a moment of relaxation, an original meeting of flavor and taste.

Main information
Typology: Artisan Liqueur
Origin: Calabria - Bova Marina
Raw materials: Alcohol, licorice, wild fennel, bay leaf and bergamot
Format: 500ml - 1 Lt
Alcohol: 28%
Serve at temperature: 2/5 degrees
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