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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Interval Bitter from the living room

Interval Bitter from the living room

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We were all waiting for that damn intermission. The living room became, as if by magic, a theater stage. The background of the gramophone took us to unique and wonderful worlds.
It was a short but intense interval .

Interval Bitter from the living room . Our insatiable desire to explore new lands takes us to new worlds, new cultures, new botanicals which, with great simplicity, we try to revive in a glass.
“Maybe we had, but we didn't know,” he said Giocondo . Interval joins the gentian , the galanga , absinthe, laurel , the marjoram skilfully worked in single and separate infusions, alla mint and to sage processed in steam distillation.
I forgot, there are no citrus fruits. To close a bottle you need to know how to wait, with great patience, for the natural cycle of botanicals. Interval it's magic. It is a refined break, your palate will be enveloped in a velvety flavour.

“ Please sit down and drink it neat in the living room. ”

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