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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Gil - Gin with IGP Rocca Imperiale Lemon

Gil - Gin with IGP Rocca Imperiale Lemon

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My friend Gil will certainly help me live a few more years. He knows more than the devil, medicine and alchemy were his life. He paid attention to facts and curiosities from around the world. At the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale it was not difficult to listen to surreal stories and tales. In that year a traveler told a crazy story that happened in a little village not far from us, called Rocca Imperiale ; a few words were enough to intrigue him and I immediately understood that he would not waste a moment to explore that dangerous place. I learned on his return, with a pinch of envy, that he had found the antidote to the venom of the viper of Rocca Imperiale and beyond, he had discovered in that harsh and rough territory, the Juniper which he defined as " low altitude ". In distilling the berries together with other botanicals, he used all his knowledge both in the medical and alchemical fields, creating an authentic and rural Gin.

I will never forget his words to describe his experience: « the rain falls sublime on my juniper, it softens the harsh parts of this territory of Rocca Imperiale, capable of giving a unique fruit in the world, never discovered, never explored. I'm jealous of things that aren't mine, the possessive instinct destroys me, my hands are full of thorns, my feet hurt, the tiredness seems to vanish at the mere thought that whoever tries this Gin will feel something unique ». He wasn't entirely wrong and his successes speak for themselves.

Gil The Authentic Rural Gin . An expert alchemist and ship's doctor, he created a precious distillate with a rural production method. Low-altitude juniper and Rocca Imperiale IGP lemons are the main botanicals. It also stands out in the filtering phase, carried out in a coarse way through a simple linen cloth, leaving its original colour. A real hymn to the territory. Original in mixing , in the great classics, we like the idea of ​​a Fizz or a Collins. Tasted straight, its Mediterranean character is enhanced.

Type: Gin
Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Contents: 70cl
Country: Calabria

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