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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Gil Authentic Rural Gin Italian Peated - Dry Gin

Gil Authentic Rural Gin Italian Peated - Dry Gin

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Calabrian rural gin, characteristic for the use of "low altitude" juniper and IGP lemons from Rocca Imperiale, it is presented in a peated version. This is obtained by burning the juniper with peat from the Sila which gives it a very pleasant smoky aftertaste. Recommended to be tasted straight instead of a whiskey or in a Gimlet (gin and lime juice).

Working with Giocondo wasn't easy, the days were intense right up to the end, he was a cursed Calabrian. I will never stop repeating it “damn”…That year my back pain tormented me more and more every day. My salvation, as usual, was Gil . The doctor found in Sila , by chance or luck, something unique and wonderful, a sort of mud that he expertly heated in a container on hot coals. It was miraculous for my pain. The experience gained during his trip to London led him towards the creation of a masterpiece. With the technique of peating , very rural , he managed to distill a " peated " Gin out of this world ... Too bad it was little.

Gil Italian peat . If our Doctor had he not been so thorough in his research, we would never have discovered the peat and the richness of our territory which today, in the particular setting of the Sila has found its natural habitat. We have enriched the juniper with Rocca Imperiale to compose the Italian Torbato , unique in the world, keeping faith with our rural distillation method. A real explosion of territory. Unsettling in mixing to give that unique peat touch. Served neat, it will leave its mark.

Type: Peated Gin

Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Content: 50.0 cl
Country: Calabria

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