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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Frack Bitter Evening, no to Fashion

Frack Bitter Evening, no to Fashion

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The distance from Milù drove me crazy, I spent the evenings at La Scala in Milan before returning to Calabria. I didn't know if my friends had accepted me anymore, I had been missing for two months now, too many to find excuses... But I was in love... Every night at the bottom of the counter, almost in the dark, there was a man. We immediately became friends… We talked for hours and he fascinated me with his emblematic stories between Love and Eros , between Art and Theater , a real laboratory, a unique and rare palate… When I returned, I didn't find life as easy as I thought. Roger and Gil, only after many months, gave me the opportunity to talk about Milù, my great love, but above all about that undisciplined man I had met in Milan… They were immediately fascinated. They asked me his name and I didn't know it, it was all bloody weird. Without a reason, without logic, I called him Frack , a real man… strictly no to Fashion

An unruly Amaro created from his unique and secret recipe, formed by the union of three blends previously prepared from separate infusions, all freshly processed. The life of the infusion is preserved with our exclusive thermo-refrigerated technique, which distinguishes the entire range of our products. The first blend, particularly complex, gives the bitter charge; the second blend gives it a unique roundness and finally the third blend composed of a Calabrian vinous base fortified with unique spices. An average bottle of Frack closes, as per the production cycle, in 9 months . Completely natural product, strictly no fashion ... Some of its botanicals: bitter and sweet oranges, bergamot, rosemary, oregano, gentian, rhubarb and IGP lemon, all the rest is to be discovered.
The "Frack Amaro Serale" of the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale is a amaro that takes 9 months to complete its production cycle; it is obtained from cereal alcohol with infusions of Bisignano oranges, Roccella Ionica bergamot and Rocca Imperiale lemons, as well as spices such as rosemary, gentian and rhubarb. Citrus notes emerge on the nose with hints of balsamic aromatic herbs, while on the palate it is full and consistent with what is perceived on the olfactory level.


Vecchio Magazzino Doganale
Content: 50.0 cl
Country: Calabria
Serving temperature: 8-10°C
Alcohol content: 24.0% vol.
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