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Foraffascinu - Amaro Calabrese - Limited Edition

Foraffascinu - Amaro Calabrese - Limited Edition

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Bad luck and luck are essential elements of Calabrian culture. The foraffascinu is an ancient ritual made up of secret formulas, sacred gestures and prayers aimed at eliminating the evil eye and its symptoms (charm). Qual'Italy accompanies its bottles with the story of tradition, produces evocative liqueurs with a close reference to the territory and the civilizations that have inhabited it. Foraffascinu is a product that knows how to combine the main flavors of these places: the spicy spigolature of the chilli pepper, the acrid and sweet notes of the citrus fruits, the aromatic glazes of the laurel.

LIMITED EDITION VERSION: Amaro + horn pendant for good luck.

Its characteristics that have given it the awards as Best Italian Spicy 2021

Take a sip of good luck to discover its secret!

To drink at room temperature or slightly chilled, excellent as an aperitif or for cocktails, or accompanied by a sparkling wine.

Hold it for a few seconds in your mouth to be able to perceive the different gustatory sensations and enhance the experience of every single sweet sip.

The amaro, with sweet citrus notes that caresses you with its sweet and spicy taste like this Earth, from which some of its ingredients come: chilli pepper, orange, lemon, mandarin, bay leaf and others…

AWARDS WON: first place at the World Liqueur Awards 2021 in the SPICE category

Ingredients: hydrated alcohol, infusions of: hot pepper, mandarin. bay leaves, cloves, bergamot, rosemary and flavourings.

Bottle: 70 CL

Alcohol: 30% Vol.

Origin: Bisignano (CS)

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