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vecchio magazzino doganale

Experience Box Take Me to Dinner - Old Customs Warehouse

Experience Box Take Me to Dinner - Old Customs Warehouse

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"Experience Box" Old Customs Warehouse

Gift box with 6 miniature bottles to savor the Calabria of Vecchio Magazzino Doganale.

Inside a QrCode to find out how to best enjoy the present selection


Dopolavoro Amaricante Aperitif Liqueur. It contains in its complexity, an exercise ready to drink. The true tradition of the Italian Style in a modern key. Composed of infusions of herbal extracts and infusions of Calabrian citrus peel. Imagine the sun and the sea…


"a natural and authentic amaro like this territory, Calabria"

The Amaro Importante is born from the authentic 1871 recipe created by Mr. Jefferson. Today everything is reproduced in an authentic way paying close attention to details, such as: the bergamot of Roccella Ionica, the orange of Bisignano, the rosemary of Montalto Uffugo and the oregano of Palombara, combined with other herbs and spices, which make it natural and unique.

Bergamot , bitter and sweet oranges , rosemary and oregano are the main botanicals selected in Calabria, which combined with other herbs and spices make Jefferson natural and unique. Its Mediterranean taste can be appreciated both at room temperature and chilled.

Original in mixing , in the great classics, as a bitter or in support of vermouth.

Winner of the World Drinks Awards in the "Taste" categories as World's best liqueur and winner of the "Herbal" category


Roger Bitter Bitter Extra Strong, draws inspiration from the character of its creator, austere and pungent towards those who had no respect for nature. Rural filtering through linen cloth, with no addition of artificial dyes, it is the result of a careful selection of bittering botanicals, hand-picked and handcrafted. A unique and counter-current product, so much so that it bears the wording on the label
"Keep Under Desk"

It's a Bitter… It's a Bitter… Its natural coloring and strong character make it ideal for lovers of strong tastes, consumed smooth as after a meal. Formidable in mixing .

” Cloudy from birth. “

FRACK - Natural Herbal Bitter.

Created from a unique and secret recipe, formed by the union of three previously prepared blends, of separate infusions and all freshly processed. The life of the infusion is preserved with an exclusive thermo-refrigerated technique, which distinguishes the entire range of VMD products. The first blend, particularly complex, gives the bitterness; the second blend gives it a unique roundness and finally the third blend composed of a Calabrian vinous base fortified with unique spices.

Filtering with linen cloth.

An average bottle of Frack closes, from the production cycle, in 12 months.

Completely natural product, strictly no fashion…

Some of its botanicals: bitter and sweet oranges, rosemary, oregano, gentian, rhubarb and IGP lemon, all the rest is to be discovered.


Interesting bitter, obtained from the infusion of medium and high altitude herbs, which tells the insatiable desire to explore new lands, in search of the most precious things in the world.

It enhances the uniqueness of the Calabrian territory in a simple way...
Please sit in the living room.

To be consumed on the sofa, to round off a copious winter meal, "Intervallo-amaro da parlor" becomes memorable with its notes of gentian, galangal, absinthe, laurel, marjoram and artichoke, worked in separate infusions, and mint and sage, steam distilled.


Strong and sweet liqueur, highly digestive, innovative and unique of its kind that traces and encompasses the alchemy of the Italian style of liqueur production from the 1800s to today. Its authentic recipe contains all the different methods of processing botanicals from our area and, still today, harvested by hand: Chamomile , Mint , Marjoram , Sila pine cone resin processed in fresh and separate infusions. Melissa , Fennel Seeds and Absinthe processed in distillation and a secret composition of Medicinal Herbs, above all Spaccapietra .

Format: Gift box in elegant cardboard with 6 miniature bottles of 5 cl.

Producer: Old Customs Warehouse (Montalto Uffugo - CS)

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