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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

AFTER WORK Drinking exercises

AFTER WORK Drinking exercises

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It is said that love and friendship are eternal, yet, for this magic to persist it must always be fueled by small but important details, in short, the flame must always be alive.
At the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale we have made it a lifestyle, starting right from our history made up of friendships, comparisons, beauty, love, moments that leave an indelible mark on the heart and head of each of us.
The end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century seem so current today. The desire to be together, in a simple, convivial, elegant and colorful way, inevitably leads us towards a slowdown, a pause to rearrange our ideas and create comparisons, smiles, emotions. A magical Italian moment, to restore fatigue making us understand that time is precious.

Our thought is: “it doesn't matter where, but we are together”

After work Bitter Aperitif Liqueur . It encloses in its complexity, an exercise ready to drink. The true tradition of the Italian Style in a modern key. Composed of infusions of herbal extracts and infusions of Calabrian citrus peel. Imagine the sun and the sea…

Dopolavoro Exercise ready to drink, good at any time…


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