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Guglielmo Bar 5 Stars Espresso

Guglielmo Bar 5 Stars Espresso

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Bar 5 Stelle represents the perfect union between a special blend of roasted and ground coffee and a revolutionary packaging, with a valve packaged in a protective atmosphere, which guarantees the preservation of the fragrance and aroma of a high quality coffee over time. It is in fact an absolutely innovative package, equipped with a special valve that allows us to package the coffee immediately after roasting and grinding, and which guarantees optimal conservation of the product over time.

Furthermore, the application of an "open-close" zip on the package represents a further important service for the consumer: finally, a package of coffee can be opened, closed again and stored very easily. For those who love a coffee with a full and round flavour.

5-star bar: more aroma, more practice!
This blend is specially designed for espresso machines, 250g pack

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