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terra dei fichi

Collar of Figs

Collar of Figs

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Selected Calabrian figs

This very ancient "Marinedda" variety was given to children for its sweet and velvety taste

Ingredients: Marinella fig, sprig of myrtle

The Esaro Valley , a large territory rich in vegetation, which extends for over 600 sq km, takes its name from the river of the same name, an important link between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts of Calabria. it is a territory rich in history and, thanks to its morphological conformation and mild climate, it has a great variety of crops.
The main product of this territory and of the province is certainly the dottato fig which has obtained the Protected Designation of Origin "Fichi di Cosenza" since 2011.
In addition to having a productive value, the fig tree for this area of ​​Cosenza has very ancient anthropological roots, like its flavor its history is also rich, the Greeks, undisputed masters of the area in ancient times, were already very fond of the plant point to be legislated to protect and prevent its cultivation and export.

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Keep in a cold and dry place

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