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Codex01 Premium Blended Gin

Codex01 Premium Blended Gin

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Fresh, clean gin with citrus notes of Sichuan pepper.

Codex01 Gin was created by three bartenders who carry forward the concept of simplicity of Gin and Gin Tonic; their intent is to be innovative and current using few botanicals, aimed at a strong taste. The choice of Sichuan pepper aims precisely at the complexity of the taste of the Gin which ends with a slight bitter and citrusy hint of lemon, exactly the hints they wanted to feel inside a Gin Tonic.

The gin and tonic prepared with Codex 01 Gin goes very well with a classic tonic, but equally with a Mediterranean one, with which Sichuan pepper goes perfectly. As a garnish, I recommend a lemon zest, perhaps accompanied by a sprig of rosemary if you have opted for the Mediterranean tonic.

In conceiving Codex 01 Gin we thought of a distillate capable of making the most of simple preparations, to be enjoyed at home too, but which is also best expressed in other more complex mixes: for example, in the form of Codex Mule , a twist of the Moscow Mule, perfect to accompany a meal, as well as Red Snapper . Codex 01 Gin is a distillate which, as I said, is also perfect as a meal. As a digestif, it is drunk smooth, at room temperature or heated with lemon and orange peel or cloves, ideal for winter.

Alcohol content : 40% vol. 700ML

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