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Fresh Calabrian Clementines

Fresh Calabrian Clementines

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Calabrian Clementines fresh, not chemically treated and guaranteed with edible peel
Medium to large caliber


Fresh product
 Sweet and seedless, produced in Corigliano Calabro in the splendid Piana di Sibari


The history of the Tavernise citrus farm begins in 1954, when Giuseppe Tavernise, known to his friends as Mastro Giuseppe, returned to his home town of Corigliano Calabro after many years traveling around the world (20 years only in Germany as a restaurateur), investing in the land, and particularly in the cultivation of citrus fruits.
The choice of land falls in an area highly suited for the cultivation of the same, needing loose and sandy soils with a mild climate, characteristics that distinguish the district called Ogliastretti in which the Tavernise citrus farm is located.
Over the years all the plants have been assisted in their growth by Mastro Giuseppe, with passion and love, the same love he had for his son Mario.
Yes, because for master Giuseppe, every plant in his garden was considered as a child, they had a special dialogue between them that only those who practice this work with passion can hear.
Dialogue that continues today just the son Mario, with his wife Rosellina and their three children, Giuseppe, Piermario and Vittoria Pia.
The farm area today is entirely invested in Common clementines and SRA 89 clementines, an early variety with harvesting beginning in the first days of October. In 2006, the Tavernise citrus farm began direct marketing of its production under the “Clemì” brand.
Having had excellent feedback from end consumers over the years, the Tavernise family decides to combine the traditional sale with the possibility of remotely adopting clementine plants and following their various stages of processing (pruning, fertilization, irrigation, etc. .) and ripening online, to then receive the fruits directly at home, so as to be able to have a direct relationship with the Company.

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