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Salumificio Rosa

Calabrian 'Nduja casing

Calabrian 'Nduja casing

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Between the mountains and the uncontaminated nature of the Sila, the Borelli family's Salumificio Rosa rises in Sersale.
Keeper of secrets of the past and traditional recipes, he has continued the production of typical Calabrian cold cuts by focusing on the highest quality ingredients and maintaining the taste of the good things of the past.

Nduja Calabrese is a sausage made from meat and spices. It is eaten by spreading it on slices of toasted bread, better if still hot, or used as a stir-fry for the base of a meat sauce or tomato sauce.

Fresh pork born raised and slaughtered in Italy

Salt, Chilli, Pepper Sauce, Spices.


about 350 g

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