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Tasting Box – Fridcala Brewery + Sila Potato Chips

Tasting Box – Fridcala Brewery + Sila Potato Chips

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Tasting BOX

Fridcala beer + Sila chips

Tasting Box: with every sip, new and inebriating sensations will make you discover and rediscover beer, with its authentic flavour, its unique aroma, its unmistakable taste to combine with the Sila Potato Chips.

Fridda Kahla beer, which in the Calabrian dialect means "cold goes down", is an English-inspired Pale Ale style beer; produced with barley and wheat malt and a blend of noble European hops.

French fries in a bag, produced in Calabria and on the Sila, ready to be tasted! Classic Taste or Tropea IGP Onion


BOX Bottles: 33 cl. + "Le Montanine" Potato Chips PGI Sila Potato Chips 55g

The beers will be entered with random tastes

the fries will be inserted with random flavors " Gusto Classico or Cipolla di Tropea PGI ", but in the notes you can write your preference which will still be subject to availability)

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