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Fridda Kahla Beer - Craft Tripel

Fridda Kahla Beer - Craft Tripel

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Fridda Kahla beer

Fridda Kahla beer, which in the Calabrian dialect means "cold goes down", is an English-inspired Pale Ale style beer; produced with barley and wheat malt and a blend of noble European hops.

Born from the idea of ​​the Beer Firm Giuseppe Lo Giudice.


Tripel in the glass shows an abundant and persistent foam, deep orange color and good clarity. The complexity of the aromas of the yeast emerges with great balance on the nose, reminiscent of yellow-fleshed fruit and spices. In the mouth the ethyl alcohol is well hidden making drinking simple and satisfying with a long and moderately bitter finish.

Bottle: 33cl. 9.0% vol.

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