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Anicafè – Coffee and Star Anise

Anicafè – Coffee and Star Anise

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Star anise and coffee are a balanced synthesis of the most classic. The bitter tones are softened, the intensity is accompanied by freshness: Anicafè is a bottle that refers to childhood aromas, to that Sambuca finger tasted for the first time from the grandparents' cup of coffee. Anicafè re-proposes the same flavour, the result of constant refinement that has not betrayed its origins

Anise is a native plant of the Mediterranean of East and South-West Asia. For centuries, its seeds have been widely used in the food industry. From the preparation of candies and sweets to spicy recipes and liqueurs, hundreds of foods are enhanced by the sugary and fresh tones of the plant. The sweet taste retains a note of mint and licorice that does not tire the mouth. Its union with coffee is well known, it is one of the best matched marriages in terms of gastronomy and preparation of drinks. The taste of your childhood is now reproposed by a recipe which is the essence of attention to authenticity.

Alcohol: 25 % Vol. Bottle: from 70 CL

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