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Amaro Cuncappa QNK Without Sugar with Silane Black Anise

Amaro Cuncappa QNK Without Sugar with Silane Black Anise

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Bitter QNK - Bitter Cuncappa

The counter-current amaro in an elegant package!

What happens if what seems like a disaster turns out to be a Beauty that envelops, that binds inextricably, that fills the soul with Poetry, with Flavor, with Taste, with Wonder that one discovers, which happens precisely where one did not expect to find it?

Not a discovery, then, but a revelation.

It happens that we find ourselves forced to change our gaze with courage, to innovate ideas, to let the beautiful happen.

that the taste surprises,

It happens that misfortune itself becomes Wonder.

Trying to translate the expression AMARO QNK which in full becomes "amaro cu n'cappa", can be tricky, as you risk not being able to restore the authentic and profound meaning of the expression.

In these cases it is good to turn to the power of suggestions, image and imagination, as elements that can support the descriptive translation of the expression.

"Amaru cu n'cappa" literally translates as "unfortunate one who happens to us" simplistically referring to an expression of compassion and pity towards a person who happens, even better who stumbles, who happens in adversity.

But sometimes literal translations don't do justice to that cultural universe of unsaid and untranslatability that a saying hides.

The "stumble", "happen", "happen" element is strongly linked to the ineluctability of chance. It indicates that precise moment in which the event manifests itself becoming reality, in the face of which human will and pragmatism can do nothing.

Poor, bitter, whoever falls victim to it. But what if what at first glance appears as an adversity only because it is the object of stereotypes, in the end turns out to be the most sublime of damnations, the most magical of spells?

Often the south finds itself wrapped up in a story that wants it to be beautiful and unfortunate, a rhetoric that excludes its essence, that suffocates the true nature of meridian thinking and living. But the South is a place, yes, but also a way of thinking, of seeing and living life, of reconceiving the extraordinary, reaffirming a renewed identity starting from its most authentic and true flavours.

The very personality of Amaro QNK is enclosed in the sinuosity of its flavors, the black anise silane makes it lovable without ever being a pimp, it accompanies the authenticity of the tastes of Roman absinthe, rhubarb, gentian. Mint is a hint of freshness that is perceived in the throat, persisting even after the sip. Chamomile, sweet orange and bitter orange form the perfect setting while maintaining a stable and at the same time characterizing balance. Amaro QNK is a sugar free amaro, therefore with no added sugar. Authentic. Sincere.

Raw material: water, top quality alcohol, starry black anise from the Sila mainly with other ingredients such as: licorice, bay leaves, fennel, gentian, rhubarb, wormwood, mint, chamomile and much more. Contains no sugar.

Alcohol: 30%
Format: 70cl

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