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Bitter Mzero - Sea Bitter

Bitter Mzero - Sea Bitter

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Mzero is the first amaro in the world produced with sea water and cedar, whose tasting experience evokes the warm and fragrant notes of the sea and the Mediterranean summer. Each ingredient is carefully selected to offer the taste of summer, that sensation of a fresh breeze on a warm Italian evening. A peculiarity appreciated by the authoritative English judges, who chose the citrus and saline flavor of the Mzero amaro as the taste of the year, indicating it as the best Italian amaro and best amaro in the world for 2021.
The Mzero amaro is produced in Calabria in Diamante (in the province of Cosenza on the Riviera dei Cedri), the best Bitter (bitter) in the world exploits the flavor of the sea water combined with the citron. A unique and unmistakable taste. Mediterranean flavors: world famous Calabrian cedars and the Mediterranean Sea. Each ingredient is carefully selected to offer the taste of summer, that feeling of a cool breeze on a warm Italian summer evening. Mzero's ingredients have been carefully chosen for territoriality. Citron lends itself well to mixing as an alternative to lime, orange, lemon and other citrus fruits. Its connotation is fresh. Just like sea water which also gives salinity. “This liqueur also represents an attempt to clear the customs conception of amaro linked to herbs, to the mountains. Mzero was entered in the world competition as a bitter and not as a bitter.
Mzero is a beach, party, sea bitter that tastes like summer”.

500ml bottle

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