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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Bitter Milo

Bitter Milo

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MILONE the strongest athlete and warrior of all time.

Bitter Milo embodies the scent and flavor of Magna Graecia. In its secret recipe, the most intense and fragrant aromatic and medicinal herbs, citrus fruits, laurel, olive trees and coniferous berries bring back to the mouth the ancient scents of that land kissed by the sun and caressed by the sea breeze of the Ionian Sea.

Special features: our amaro with an ancient taste, gluten free and without caramel, only made by infusions and natural flavourings it is one of the few bitters dal clear color, transparent, for this reason, if always left in the same position, you may notice the suspension of the infusion on the bottom as it also happens in tea, therefore before serving it give him a tour and enjoy it cold, room temperature or in the coffee " Make your coffee strong ", not necessarily frozen, Amaro Milone is STRONG by NATURE .

His extraordinary strength and superhuman proportions and the many victories have made him immortal in memory, like a god, in 28 years from 540 to 512 BC, he won 33 games, 7 Olympics, 7 Pythian, 9 Nemean, 10 Isthmians, for as many as 5 Sometimes he was "Periodonic", i.e. winner in all four cities, his favorite discipline was wrestling.

Even when he wasn't fighting Milone found a way to demonstrate his extraordinary strength, he enjoyed holding a pomegranate tightly in his hand without hurting it, which no one else, no matter how hard he tried, could take away from him.

It is said that he ran with a calf on his shoulders for his training and day after day the calf became a bull on his shoulders. For this he is also considered the father of modern bodybuilding of continuous training. In addition to being an athlete, Milone was an unparalleled warrior, he led Kroton's army into battle against opponents such as Hercules, with the lion's skin, the club and the head surrounded by his Olympic crowns.

The secret recipe was born after more than 2 years of research aimed at rediscovering this strength, the ancient flavors and the atmosphere of the Great Greek Calabria of which Kroton was the capital. A land famous for the fertility of its vegetation, the beauty of its women and the healthiness of the body and mind, which extended, kissed by the sun, along the coasts of the Ionian Sea up to the Lacinio Promontory.

Here stood the temple dedicated to the goddess HERA Lacinia where in her "Sacred Wood", luxuriant, full of medicinal herbs, conifers, citrus fruits, aromas and secrets, the champion MILONE of KROTON trained.

Main botanicals

Cardamom, gentian, angelica, juniper berries and citrus fruits.


 1st place 2022 BEST bitter in the world World Liqueur Awards cat. bitters
 1st place 2022 BEST Italian amaro World Liqueur Awards cat. bitters
3rd place 2022 world championship cat. DESIGN of the bottle
3rd place 2021 world championship cat. Bitters
3rd place 2021 world championship cat. bottle design

Water, sugar, natural flavors and herbal infusions.

Alcohol content:
35% ABV – cl 70


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