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Alaricum – The Calabrese Bitter Bitter

Alaricum – The Calabrese Bitter Bitter

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On the night of August 24, 410 AD, Alaric, king of the Goths, conquered Rome. After three days of looting, he left the city, carrying away immense treasures, and headed south.

Alaric fell ill and died near Cosenza, where the Goths diverted the course of the Busento river and buried their King with weapons, the horse and his stolen treasure in Rome including the Jewish candelabrum "La Menora"

Legend has it that twenty-five tons of gold and one hundred and fifty tons of silver, jewels, coins, precious and priceless goods disappeared with him.

A bitter story but full of suggestions that lends itself well to giving the name to Alaricum.

With an intense and persistent taste, they make it a meditation amaro, ideal to be enjoyed in good company or in front of a lit fireplace and a good book.

To be drunk at room temperature or in a balloon glass to be heated with the hands, in order to enhance the intensity of the flavour.

This amaro, with German style and taste, marries Calabrian flavors thanks to mint and bergamot to remember the precious treasure of Alaric

Alcohol: 30% Vol. Bottle: from 70 CL

Raw material: top quality alcohol, Calabrian bergamot and mint botanicals.

Origin: Bisignano (CS)

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