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Vecchio Magazzino Doganale

Abracadabra Licorice of Calabria DOP

Abracadabra Licorice of Calabria DOP

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We stood in line, couldn't wait to be seated, the lights were magical. The magician shouted: ABRACADABRA and the show began

There are some things that are born in a magical way.
Giocondo at the Vecchio Magazzino Doganale bartered the first agricultural tools for licorice roots. Today, luck would have it that in our land of dreams, our botanical garden of the " Martorano " was full of licorice (DOP). We could not overlook two such important elements, which have inevitably marked our history. With great difficulty we put together: research, recipe, history and image. We are proud to present you our licorice:
«We were in line, we couldn't wait to sit down, the lights were magical. The magician shouted: ABRACADABRA and the show began».

Authentic licorice liqueur from Calabria DOP . The ancestral method of boiling helps to defibrate the roots which are subsequently squeezed. An alcohol infusion of roots reduced to chunks is prepared separately. The alcohol content and maturation time of the infusion can vary from time to time. The natural color, scent and density of Abracadabra make it a unique licorice liqueur.

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