Sorpresa: i migliori amari del mondo arrivano dalla Calabria - I LOVE CALABRIA - Calabrian Taste

Surprise: the best bitters in the world come from Calabria

A production travels fast and reaps prizes: after the success of Jefferson , now it's the turn of Rupes Gold . All in the name of territoriality


"As everyone knows, the taste of glory is bitter." When the Japanese playwright and poet Yukio Mishima wrote these words, he probably didn't have in mind something that could really end up in a glass, but his words border on prophecy. Especially for what is happening in the land of Calabria, more and more exporter of elixirs capable of conquering the whole world. Medicinal herbs, unique citrus fruits, recipes that are sometimes "fantastic" but never banal are the basis of a relentless success, which has nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with sincerity. Of the work and of the final products, even when they do not come out of the belly of small companies.

The secret in the ability to tell a unique territory, an integral part of Southern Italy and Magna Graecia, yet still unknown to the masses until a few years ago, if not for a string of clichés. Through simple sips, these small artisans (the micro distilleries that produce on their own or from third parties have multiplied in recent years) and the drink entrepreneurs who support them on the commercial scene, are able to export outside the region first and then outside Italy true character of a rich land, hard and sweet at the same time. And among the great production of spirits, including distillates and liqueurs, no product is capable of embracing all the excellences of the Calabrian land more than the amaro: on the one hand the dichotomy of flavors typical of this product, on the other the intimate bond with the same herbs and plants that grow luxuriantly between Reggio Calabria and the Lao River Reserve, passing from one side to the other of the part of the boot that joins the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea.



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