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Sibari rice, one of the Calabrian excellences!

The Region bathed by two seas reaches another record, according to the experts.

Precisely in sunny Sibari , the best rice in Italy is produced. Experts attribute the excellent properties of the product, certainly to the quality of the water, coming from the Raganello river, which helps it to grow luxuriantly. The influence of the sea also plays an important role.


And of course we cannot fail to mention the sun, which beats down on the Sibari plain. With all due respect for the rice produced in Piedmont, the local one, all from Calabria, is imposing itself overbearingly on the market. Merit of the union of many factors, combined with each other, capable of coexisting all together. In the recent past, local production was sold exclusively in northern Italy.
Currently everything has changed, rice is also marketed in Calabria. Consumers are very satisfied with the local product of the highest value, praised by experts in the sector. The culture of rice in Calabria exceeds fifty years, with an artisanal process that preserves its taste and properties.

An important feature enjoyed by rice made in Calabria is its high digestibility.

Nerone rice is a treasure trove of well-being. «After cooking and cooling it provides "resistant starch" which behaves in a similar way to fibers: it helps maintain and develop the intestinal bacterial flora , promoting the growth of "good" bacteria. It also has the advantage of not containing gluten , so it can also be safely consumed by those suffering from intolerances», he explains. In addition, it is a friend of good humour . «Thanks to its richness in B vitamins, minerals such as magnesium and potassium and tryptophan, it counteracts tiredness and stress, promoting psychophysical well-being».

Sibari rice grown on about six hundred hectares of "brackish" land which is flooded from time to time by the waters of the Raganello river which descends from the Pollino mountains.

From today you can compose your "Pacco da Giù" with Sibari rice inside

Land that is destined to expand considerably, because the Sibari rice has gained a large share of the market and the total trust of consumers. According to experts, Sibari is a more savory product than the others because, being a few steps from the sea, it can boast a warmer microclimate and an ideal habitat consisting of brackish soil, once flooded and therefore rich in saline substances. These climatic conditions and the particular microclimate have generated a Carnaroli rice which does not overcook, which retains all the organoleptic properties, an "aromatic" which releases intense aromas and a "Nero" which translates the harmonic notes of its oriental origins into the language of taste. Some experts, in truth, say that these qualities are the result of only one factor: so much sun that only the Piana di Sibari can offer.


In any case, Sibari rice is a rice envied by many, as it has particular organoleptic characteristics due to the type of soil and the microclimate in which it is grown. In addition to being grown in this area since the early 1950s, Sibari rice is also processed by hand using a light and minimally invasive husking process and all this guarantees a better nutritional intake, a more decisive and intense flavour, a higher yield, but above all a better resistance to cooking and better digestibility.

Until 2006, Sibari rice was sold to producers in Northern Italy who sold it as local rice, but today local farmers, in addition to producing it, manage the entire production phase and also marketing, from sowing to packaging and marketing, thus allowing complete control of the entire production cycle, which guarantees final consumers a totally Calabrian and therefore zero kilometer product.

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