Ginberg: il gin al bergamotto di Reggio Calabria che ha trionfato aI "The Gin Guide Awards Awards 2020" - I LOVE CALABRIA - Calabrian Taste

Ginberg: the bergamot gin from Reggio Calabria that triumphed at "The Gin Guide Awards 2020"

It has always been said that the history of gin has its roots in the lands of northern Europe. But are we really sure? It's really like this? In reality, gin, which is experiencing a moment of great splendor as never before in this period, is more rooted than we imagine in our history and culture, and is a distillate present in our DNA for centuries.


Which country, if not ours, can count on such a special territory to find precious botanicals? Who can boast such a vast fame and knowledge in the science of liqueur, herbal medicine, alchemy and pharmacopoeia? Some written documents testify that liqueurs, bitters, rosolios and even juniper-based distillates were produced in Italy since the 16th century. And it is more than legitimate to think that these are in all respects the ancestors of the current gin.


Well, now as then habits have not changed, knowledge and passion in fact drives many companies to produce gin. Among the many companies, today we present an all southern excellence: OFFICINA DEGLI INFUSI , which with its Ginberg gin won the first position in the prestigious competition " The Gin Guide Awards Awards 2020" in the compound gin category. The company, operating in Vibo Valentia, was born in 2020 by a group of young entrepreneurs, with the clear intention of creating an authentic and unique gin, starting from the recipes of the old local tradition and enhancing the precious resources of the earth



Thus it was born Ginberg Gin , an unfiltred cold compound gin which is produced through cold infusion of botanicals in soft Italian cereal alcohol. This technique guarantees a greater extraction of essential oils from botanicals, giving, also thanks to the total absence of final filtrations, an authentic and powerful aroma and intense colour. Ginberg is an artisanal gin flavored with juniper, Calabrian bergamot, coriander, ginger, cardamom, chamomile, rosemary, licorice and timut pepper.

It has an alcohol content of 43° and is blended with extremely pure spring water that flows out at an altitude of 2000 metres. It initially has a strong aroma of bergamot, then it is herbaceous and has a spicy finish. It is intense, very savory and with a bitter note that makes it exciting. In short, a powerful and intriguing gin, to be enjoyed to the fullest, alone or with a good tonic water.


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