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Buy local products to help the local economy

"If all the Calabrians bought only local products, the gross domestic product of the region would double in just over a year. It is therefore easy to imagine the strong impact that would have!"

"Thousands of jobs in the tourism sector - commented the president of Demoskopika, Raffaele Rio - are hanging on the thread of an integrated plan of measures which must support the system in overcoming the crisis quickly. An organic package of measures which, at least to date, is struggling to see the light and without which it will be difficult to cover insolvencies and avoid bankruptcies of the operators in the supply chain.It is necessary - Raffaele Rio specifies - to put in place an integrated plan divided into a few implementation sections.In the first place, measures economic support for the health adjustments necessary for a safe restart (division of common spaces for social distancing, technological modernization for self-check in, local sanitization, etc.); secondly, it is necessary to structure measures aimed at supporting the liquidity of companies of the sector also through “zero interest” and non-refundable loans, holiday vouchers for families or deductions from the cost of stays, immediate disinvestment of companies' credits with the public administration as well as methods of tax and social security relief; thirdly, aiming to enhance the regional tourist systems by timing the promotional actions in relation to the different groups of tourists (identities, xenophiles, nationalists and foreigners). This - concludes the president of Demoskopika - must be achieved in constant sharing between the various institutional levels to prevent the inevitable competition already underway between the regional tourism systems from generating qualitatively discriminating levels".

Let's start from our land

Knowing the territory in a radical way is the basis of local marketing: in Calabria there are many excellent producers who, however, are unable to find an outlet on the market, the Calabrian must think local and act globally

Calabria has quality local products and brilliant hands and minds capable of maintaining their authenticity even in large-scale distribution, it seems to be paralyzed in the possibility of establishing itself on the market.


Calabrian lemon and ginger jam

Think local and act global

A phenomenon that gradually negatively affects at least three elements: the gross domestic product (GDP), the penalization of artisans and small and medium-sized enterprises and the quality of the products purchased by end customers. These three elements in turn constitute a fundamental part of both perceived and real well-being; in a few simple words on quality of life.

With this in mind, buying typical local products, from food and wine to artisanal ones, to safeguard health and save the local economy seems to be not only a desirable path, but a real necessity!

If all Calabrians bought only local products, the region's gross domestic product would double in just over a year. It is therefore easy to imagine the strong impact it would have!

Amarelli liquorice powder


The Ecommerce of typical products: we have thought of the "Pacco da sotto" a solution for small local producers

Networking and bringing typical Calabrian products around not only Italy but the whole of Europe: we have focused on the web Creating a way out to protect the local economy, preserve local traditions and enhance the offspring of your land! Help Calabria, buy Calabrian!


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